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Welcome to Tennis NZ's US Open picking game.

The challenge - Pick one winning player per round in the Men's and Women's singles.
The catch - You must pick a different player in each round.
The prize - A US Open player's towel and the famous Big Apple Picker title.
To join in the fun you need to Register.   147 in the game so far.

If you played in a previous game or have already registered then Login to play.

The Draws will be published on Saturday. Pick round by round over the next 2 weeks.

Registration and 1st round picks close Monday August 29th at 10pm


The Nitty Gritty.
You get 5 points for each correct pick, plus you can earn bonus points.
  +1 point for picking a winning unseeded player
  +1 point if an unseeded player beats a seeded player, or a seeded player beats a better seed.
  +1 point for guessing a winner and the correct number of sets. No sets bonus for walkovers, or retirements unless more than 1 set played for women and 2 sets for men.
A losing pick earns 1 consolation point if the match is a nail biter (i.e. 5 sets for men, 3 sets for women).
Double points will be awarded in the Finals (except for bonuses).

If you forget to make a pick, you will be randomly assigned a Lucky Dip selected from all remaining players. Lucky Dip picks do not qualify for bonus points!!!

The Winner is the punter who scores the most points overall and will receive a genuine US Open Players Towel and be crowned the US Open.

The top points scorer in each of the men's and women's draws will also win US Open gear. A lucky draw prize will go to a random punter who has made a pick in all rounds. Limit one prize per punter.